The dashboard is the central hub of managing gigs on indie ninja.  It's where you can get an easy snapshot of your accounts.

The dashboard contains three tabbed sections:

Open Gigs
are jobs that you've created but haven't hired anyone for yet.

Under this section you'll see (from left to right) the gig title, the date the gig went/is going "live", your set budget for the gig, and the number of applicants. 

Clicking on the number of applicants to a gig will bring up a list of ninjas to review for that gig.

You can invite ninjas to a job by clicking in the on the next icon, and then use the slider to the right to make a gig private. Making a gig private is also useful as a "draft" mode, provided you haven't invited any ninjas yet.

Note that while a gig is open you can modify any part of the job up until you make an offer to a ninja. That way, if you negotiate something that was out of scope during the interview process, you can make adjustments.

Active Gigs
are jobs that are in-progress, someone's been hired.

It follows a similar structure to the previous section, except you cannot invite new applicants, or change any of the underlying billing or gig information.

Closed Gigs are jobs that have been paid and completed.

It also follows a similar structure to the previous section, does not allow any amendments, and shows final date of completion. A deeper dive into transaction and invoice history can be found in the navigation tab.

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