We've done our best to to make this first beta of indie.ninja as simple as possible. In an ideal world, this is the story of how a gig happens. During private beta we will be constantly reviewing this process, and request user feedback on any friction points.

The Indie Creates A Gig
After signing up and completing their profile and billing info, an indie creates a gig by filling out the form. They can make it private or public, and invite ninjas they select to view the gig.

Ninjas Find The Gig & Apply
Ninjas discover the gig, either by being notified it fits their profile, by invitation, or by search. After review, they send a quick note to the indie, asking them to review their profile.

The Indie Reviews Candidates
The indie goes through the list of possible candidates on their dashboard and can use the in-app chat to interview each. After this process is complete, the indie selects one candidate to hire and sends them a "hire" message through the platform.

The Ninja Confirms Terms With The Indie
The ninja confirms the hire message, and the full payment for the gig is charged to the Indie, with that amount being placed into a secure, escrow-type account. This is done to ensure the satisfaction of both parties. The payment is secure, but not liquidated to the ninja until the job is completed satisfactorily. The ninja and indie can then use the in-app chat to correspond about the job.

The Gig Is Started
The indie and ninja can use the in-app chat to correspond about job progress.

The Ninja Signals Conclusion of the Gig & Payment is Liquidated
When the ninja has completed their gig, they click on the green button at the top of the gig detail page. That sends a message to the indie, who confirms the job is done. The payment is then put into the account of the ninja.

The Ninja and Indie Mutually Review Each Other's Performance
We ask one question to both parties at the end of each gig, "Would you work with X again?" If the answer is thumbs up (yes), then we offer a chance for the other party to leave a public endorsement and some private feedback about the job. If the response is thumbs down (no), then only private feedback is available.


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